Throw Pillows are a quick and easy way to add character and texture to any space. When choosing pillows, it is important to choose a consistent colour theme and then layer in mixing patterns. 

However, there are a few common questions to ask yourself when choosing throw pillows. You may be asking yourself, what size do I choose? How many pillows do I need? Where area of my home do I put them? 

Here are a few guidelines to follow to make this process fun and easy…which it should be! 


The square common pillow size is 18”, yet there is 20” and 23”, as well. The larger pillows can be placed near the back of the couch to help to add volume, back support and depth. Lumbar common pillow sizes are 14” x 21” or 12” x 21” and can be placed in the very front to add another layer of styling. These pillows come in handy to rest under the elbow for additional support while seated. 

How Many?

This one is easy to answer…It is totally up to you! Normally, for a sectional sofa, I would add: one-two 20” pillows on the corners, two 18” pillows in front of the 20” pillows, one middle 23” pillow, and 14” x 21” lumbar pillow in the front. 

For a three-seater sofa, I would suggest one of two things, depending on your preference for fullness. One option is placing two 20” pillows on the corners, one 18” pillow on the left and one 12” x 21” lumbar pillow on the right. The other option is placing two 20” pillows on either corners, two 18” pillows in front of the 20” pillows and one 12” x 21” in the very front, for a more formal, traditional look. 

Where to put them?


Typically, a king size bed will need two-three Euro Style Pillows which are 23-26” along the headboard, your king sized pillows encased in pillow shams and then either a single or double set of 20” decorative pillows to complete the look. 

For a queen bed, you can either place two to three Euro Pillows along the headboard, following with your standard pillows encased in pillow shams and a single 20” decorative pillow and a lumbar pillow 14” x 21” in the very front. Softer materiality is best in the bedroom for maximum comfort. 


A pillow in this area along a seating bench can be useful to comfort the back while sitting momentarily while putting on shoes or for a friendly welcoming accent when guests enter the home. 

Eating Nooks

Placing removable, washable pillow covers in this area is recommended in case of spills. 20” pillows or 18” pillows work in this area. 

Inserts should match the size of the pillow cover for best fit. There are many options on the market for pillow inserts, such as down-alternative or feather inserts. The down-alternative pillows will be more structured and feather pillows will typically flatten out and be less full. Either way, it is best to shake the pillows to give them their shape back.

Overall, choosing pillows is exciting! Pillows are a quick way to add a refresh and comfort to any space. Purchasing additional pillow covers is always an option as well, once the inside Insert has been purchased to change up the look of the space periodically.

For additional help or to have our in-house stylist help you with your home, contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you! 

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