When it comes to shelf-styling, it becomes quite a challenge to fit in existing pieces, while still making the space feel new and exciting.

Here are some tricks to help you become a master shelf-stylist (or reach out to us for help: myclavis.ca/contact-us)!

  1. Find items that compliment existing pieces to highlight their qualities, whether they are antique or personal. These items you will want to be in eye-line to give them the attention they deserve.
  2. Before you begin, DE-CLUTTER! Old items that sit and bulk up the shelf without intent or purpose will make the space feel cluttered. Make room for the treasured pieces that may be sitting in storage.
  3. Books are a great way to style shelves. When adding books to shelves, however, it is best to stick to a consistent colour theme for the binding of the book. Also, same size books are helpful to create a cohesive look while stacked, and a range of book sizes are best when placed vertically.
  4. Always place the heavier items towards the bottom, such as vases or sculptures, as it will help to ground the room! Add dried flowers or eucalyptus to make the space feel bright and welcoming. Plants are always a welcome addition to help bring life to any space! Succulents, peace lilies and pothos are all great shelf plants.
  5. Layers. Layers. Layers! Items should be grouped in 2-3 pieces, with the larger items towards the back of the shelf and stationed together. Geometric shapes can be used in different areas of the shelf to help tie the look together and create an intriguing composition.
  6. It is best to stick to one metal accent choice, such as gold or silver. This aids the direction of the eye when walking past shelves, or when occupying the space, if the shelves are beside a television, per se.
  7. Lastly, it is important to style the shelf in a diamond or pyramid shape. Place 1-2 items on the top, keep the bulk of the styling in the middle area and towards the bottom, make it simple and grounding. Black accents mixed within white accents will always add a sense of depth and character.
  8. Have fun with it! Styling can always be added to or adjusted. It is best to take your time and choose pieces wisely!
  1. Start with a colour that reflects you! Easiest way to discover this is through memories of places travelled that give you a feeling of warmth, comfort, excitement or joy. Even a favourite colour works!
  2. Next, assess the existing elements in your home. If you have warm toned woods, it is ideal to choose a warm based paint to compliment the furniture. Same goes for cool toned woods, such as ash wood or white furniture. If you are starting fresh, you have endless options!
  3. When decided on a colour, it is best to have a test patch of the colour before committing, due to the effects of natural and artificial light. Artificial lighting will make rich colours appear brighter and natural sunlight will tone down colours or make them appear even more rich, depending on the time of day. It is best to paint the colour in the areas that receive exposure to both light sources and see if the colour is to your liking in both aspects.
  4. Accent walls can be a fun way to brighten or neutralize a space and draw attention to specific areas of the home, such as in the bedroom, behind a bedframe, or in a living room. Darker colours will make the space feel more private, and lighter colours will tend to expand the space, making it feel open and approachable. Bright colours always add energy to a space.
  5. When choosing a colour scheme, it is best to choose within the same colour family for the entire home. This way, the home feels cohesive and balanced!
  6. Overall, have fun with the process! Currently, the current colour trend for 2021 is rich terracotta, dark turquoise, seafoam greens, neutrals and dark greys.

Just bought your first home? Congratulations!  

After weeks of house hunting, debating, and maybe even getting into arguments with the real estate agent, you finally found a place you’re happy to settle down in. All that is left is to fill the empty spaces and rooms to make it yours. It’s a blank canvas begging to be used! 

Should you go with a contemporary style? Perhaps stick with a  neutral colour scheme? Or how about purchasing the new wine cooler that you’ve been eyeing for ages to add to your kitchen?

Maybe putting some paintings and unique vases will also make you seem more artistic and fun? Oh, but minimalism is all the rage right now. 

Where do you start? !

How do you create the perfect home? The possibilities are endless!

Being a new homeowner is exciting, but can also be frustrating because you want it to be PERFECT. Your dream home should reflect your personality, feel as cozy as possible, and be unique. 

Here are 5 fundamental pieces of advice for first-time homeowners to make interior designing less daunting and more enjoyable.

Interior Design 101: Fundamentals for New Homeowners 

1. Start with a Plan

Rather than rushing to buy a trendy dining table to fill up your nook, slow down, and start drafting a plan. Similar to project proposals, having an overview and understanding of what and how you plan to decorate each room will prevent you from wasting time, energy, and money. 

Scroll through the Clavis Inspiration page, Pinterest, online furniture stores, and catalogs to find some colour and arrangement inspirations. Note down the ones you like so you may refer back to it. Then either trust that your art skills are good enough to draft out a general floor plan or take 5 minutes to digitalize your home on Clavis to start laying out your arrangements in each room.

Clavis will allow your digital room to mimic the measurements of your actual room so you can design online without worrying about measurements or moving a single piece of furniture. 

2. Choose Quality

Your new home is an investment. This is where you will sleep, rest, eat, and live for the majority of your time. Having to stress about broken stands a few months after moving in is no fun at all. Therefore, be open to investing a bit more money in your furniture and furnishings to ensure that they last for a long time. 

Do some background research on the reputation of the brand, read through reviews of the product, and product’s material components if it’s brandless. These small steps may save you time and money in the long run. 

If you’re on a tight budget, checking out trustworthy second-hand shops or searching for sales and deals online can save you from going over budget! 

Clavis is partnered with many famous brands so you can scroll through them all in one catalog.

3. Lighting is Key

Lighting is one of the MOST IMPORTANT element to consider when designing a space. Why? Because light can significantly affect the mood of the room. Dim and soft lights will make the room feel comfortable but also dramatic and atmospheric. On the other hand, illuminating every inch of a room can brighten the entire atmosphere. 

Lights are easy to adjust. Thanks to technology, we have thousands of options to choose from. These range from warm tones to cool tones, high-intensity lights to dimmer lights, or even lights that can mimic the sun’s rays. 

It can also change the perception of the room’s shape and size to your preference. For instance, having extra lighting to reflect off a white wall can cause the room to appear larger. 

Play around with various lights and ask experts to find the perfect lights that would complement your style. 

4. Create Balance 

Balance is the idea that when you walk into a room, everything feels calm and right. There is a feeling of equilibrium in the space because the colours, texture, and shapes seem to complement each other. In comparison, an unbalanced interior space can be uncomfortable to stay in. 

There are two main methods of achieving balance: symmetry and asymmetry. 

Symmetrical balance is achieved when the room seems to be mirrored when it’s viewed from the centre. The bedroom is a common example where the bed is usually placed in the centre with nightstands on both sides. This creates a feeling of stability, calmness, and evenness, especially if colours, patterns, furnishing arrangements are mirrored on both sides. 

Asymmetrical balance uses different items to achieve a sense of balance. The room is no longer mirrored on both sides of the central axis, rather space is balanced based on the “weight” of the objects. There’s a feeling of dynamic and spontaneity because of asymmetrical spaces created by variety of furniture pieces. 

Try looking at photos of rooms you like and make a mental note of whether it’s more symmetrical or asymmetrical. Then consider how your room would look with these types of balances!

5. Use Colour to Impact Emotion 

Did you know that colours have a tremendous psychological effect? Not only can colours reflect one’s personality, but they can influence people’s moods and emotions too. 

For instance, brown tends to convey nature, strength, and comfort, which is great for reducing an individual’s stress. Another example is blue, which portrays trust, calmness, and peace. It’s a colour that’s most preferred in the business industry because it reflects professionalism and reliability. 

Colour is a powerful tool, therefore adding furnishings with colours that reflect the mood you want to express is an important part of interior design. 

Your Turn!

Now that you know basic interior design, time to put it into action! Draft a couple of plans, do your research, and start designing!

Having trouble imagining your plan? Need visual assistance? Hop over to Clavis and create your digital room for free! 

We are a team of amateur decorators who love putting together moodboards and making our home match our creative vision.

This platform was borne out of our passion for decorating and our love for technological innovation. We have trade agreements with the retailers on the platform and so we facilitate shopping from those retailers through our concierge service.

We’ve had fun building this studio and we hope you have fun using it as well!

Our Vision

To simplify and enhance the homebuyer’s design experience. We help homeowners unleash their creativity and bring their imagination to life in an immersive 3D/VR studio.​ Our studio is interactive, immersive, and fun to work with. We made sure of it!

Our Values

  • We believe in constant re-invention, progressive elaboration, and continuous improvement.
  • We work with only the best in the homebuilding and furniture retail industries.
  • We believe in the power of a well designed user interface to spark creativity in anyone.
  • We are excited about the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to foster continuous personalized experiences.

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  2. Send an email with information about the product you wish to return. Information includes retailer’s name, product name, quantity, amount, and date purchased. Including a copy of your invoice/receipt would be helpful.
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  3. We will ensure that your refund is processed accurately and in a timely manner.