When it comes to shelf-styling, it becomes quite a challenge to fit in existing pieces, while still making the space feel new and exciting.

Here are some tricks to help you become a master shelf-stylist (or reach out to us for help: myclavis.ca/contact-us)!

  1. Find items that compliment existing pieces to highlight their qualities, whether they are antique or personal. These items you will want to be in eye-line to give them the attention they deserve.
  2. Before you begin, DE-CLUTTER! Old items that sit and bulk up the shelf without intent or purpose will make the space feel cluttered. Make room for the treasured pieces that may be sitting in storage.
  3. Books are a great way to style shelves. When adding books to shelves, however, it is best to stick to a consistent colour theme for the binding of the book. Also, same size books are helpful to create a cohesive look while stacked, and a range of book sizes are best when placed vertically.
  4. Always place the heavier items towards the bottom, such as vases or sculptures, as it will help to ground the room! Add dried flowers or eucalyptus to make the space feel bright and welcoming. Plants are always a welcome addition to help bring life to any space! Succulents, peace lilies and pothos are all great shelf plants.
  5. Layers. Layers. Layers! Items should be grouped in 2-3 pieces, with the larger items towards the back of the shelf and stationed together. Geometric shapes can be used in different areas of the shelf to help tie the look together and create an intriguing composition.
  6. It is best to stick to one metal accent choice, such as gold or silver. This aids the direction of the eye when walking past shelves, or when occupying the space, if the shelves are beside a television, per se.
  7. Lastly, it is important to style the shelf in a diamond or pyramid shape. Place 1-2 items on the top, keep the bulk of the styling in the middle area and towards the bottom, make it simple and grounding. Black accents mixed within white accents will always add a sense of depth and character.
  8. Have fun with it! Styling can always be added to or adjusted. It is best to take your time and choose pieces wisely!

Spring has sprung! Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming, which means it’s time to spruce up our homes for the warmer weather! 

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Spring Promo 2021

Switch up your space with spring inspirations and begin anew. We all need a fresh start after a long, dark winter, though with so many spring trends and decor options, how will you choose?

We’ve got you! Find out your perfect spring trend match below! Who says you can’t express your personality and individuality while being trendy?

 Which Spring Trend Are You?

1. Zen Tranquility 🍃

Life has been sporadic and stressful this past year, and we could all use some peace and comfort. Pause, and take a deep breath. Doesn’t that feel nice?

Prescott Model Eating Nook Neutral Scandinavian Template
Prescott Model Eating Nook Neutral Scandinavian

If you love the thought of living in a relaxing haven then Zen Tranquility is the perfect spring style for you!

Add some fresh flowers and houseplants to freshen up your space. Then neutralize any chaos and discomfort with calming neutral Earth tones and simple patterns. Finally, top it off with a light scent diffuser, and Himalayan salt lamps to create the ultimate tranquil room.

2. Tropical Getaway 🏝️

Reminiscing travel memories? Do you miss the tropical ocean breeze from your last trip to Hawaii?

Then why not bring some vacation vibes home? 

Tofino Model Master Bedroom Espresso Coastal Template-1
Tofino Model Master Bedroom Espresso Coastal

Give our next spring trend, Tropical Getaway home style a try! Reimagine your version of a vacation home with touches of jewel-toned accents, deep earthy colours, and tropical patterns. Decorate with different shades of blues to mimic the blue sky and ocean. Lastly, place a few indoor plants for some splashes of green.

3. Botanical Garden 🌼

It’s not spring without some plants and flowers! If you’re a garden enthusiast that jumps at the sight of your first spring sprout then Botanical Garden is a great style for you. 

Simple Sage 2-Piece Picture Frame Painting Print Set

Other than bringing in houseplants and flowers to your room, try replacing your items such as sheets and curtains with new floral-patterned ones. Keep the patterns similar in colour to keep the room harmonious rather than chaotic. Then decorate your walls with mini vertical gardens or simple botanical artworks such as pressed leaf artwork or paintings. To finish the look, bring in wooden furniture to balance out the floral colours and vegetative greens. 

4. Colour Pop 🎨

Tired of greens and neutral tones? Want to stand out and express your sunny and bright personality?

Alcaraz Reversible Coverlet Set

Then try the Colour Pop home design style! 

Spring is all about emerging colours so reflect that liveliness with pops of bright yellow, blush pinks, baby blues, and sage greens. The pastel-like colours of pink, blue, and green will complement the bold yellow, yet add more than enough colour to your room. This combination is sure to brighten up anyone’s mood in an instant!

Need more design inspirations?

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