When styling a mantle, there are a few general rules to follow. These guidelines apply to a mantle that focuses on an anchor point, such as an art piece or mirror. If a TV is being hung above the mantle, it is best to use smaller objects, such as candle holders, small decorative vases or bowls, depending on the height of the mantle and how high the TV is hung above the mantle ledge.

When designing a mantle with an anchoring piece

The Anchor

The mirror or subject matter, typically art, a clock, or a decorative wall piece, is used in the middle of the mantle to create symmetrical balance. There should be at least 6″ on either side of the ‘anchor’ in order to leave room for other layering styled objects, such as vases, decorative objects or photo frames.

Grouped Elements Elements styled together, such as candle sticks, should always be in groups of two or three in order to create a balance on the side they are placed. Candlesticks add increased visual interest when they vary in sizes and are suggested for a well-composed look.

Fillers, such as photo frames or keepsakes that fit into the overall color scheme, will allow the mantle to feel less empty and to create a fuller bodied look. To create a more simplistic look, filler pieces can be kept to a minimum to allow the main anchor stand out more.

Greenery, such as succulents or hanging plants, will freshen up the space and allow for the space to appear lively. Dried leaves or plants in vases can also provide additional height and aid the mantle to appear textured and layered.

Vases can be used to create height and provide visual weight to the mantle in order to allow the eye to effortlessly travel across the room. Floor vases can be placed by the hearth of the fireplace or under the mantle to create a grounding effect to the elements on the mantle.

When designing a mantle with a TV

  1. Small accents, such as smaller vases, candle holders or décor can be placed on the sides of the TV or beneath the point in which it is hung on the mantle. Typically, a 2″ gap between the décor and the TV is desired in order to avoid blocking the TV’s view.
  2. Higher vases can be placed on one or both sides of the outsides of the TV on the mantle, given there is enough room to add height to the room. One vase gives a more modern look, while two vases will provide a more traditional look.
  3. Styling under the mantle is always an option here, as well, by placing a floor vase in either single or groups of 2 to provide visual weight to the fireplace, drawing the eye downwards, away from the TV. Large dried botanicals can provide energy and greenery to the space.

In general, the mantle can have many appearances in order to suit the room it is placed in. The fireplace, usually the heart of the home, can be used as a focus point and grounding point for the room by intentionally styling the mantle to showcase the fireplace with; gold accents, family heirlooms or photos, by layering elements and by using art or a mirror as a focal point to draw the eye in. Not sure where to start? Contact our In-House Expert Stylist to get started today!

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