1. Start with a colour that reflects you! Easiest way to discover this is through memories of places travelled that give you a feeling of warmth, comfort, excitement or joy. Even a favourite colour works!
  2. Next, assess the existing elements in your home. If you have warm toned woods, it is ideal to choose a warm based paint to compliment the furniture. Same goes for cool toned woods, such as ash wood or white furniture. If you are starting fresh, you have endless options!
  3. When decided on a colour, it is best to have a test patch of the colour before committing, due to the effects of natural and artificial light. Artificial lighting will make rich colours appear brighter and natural sunlight will tone down colours or make them appear even more rich, depending on the time of day. It is best to paint the colour in the areas that receive exposure to both light sources and see if the colour is to your liking in both aspects.
  4. Accent walls can be a fun way to brighten or neutralize a space and draw attention to specific areas of the home, such as in the bedroom, behind a bedframe, or in a living room. Darker colours will make the space feel more private, and lighter colours will tend to expand the space, making it feel open and approachable. Bright colours always add energy to a space.
  5. When choosing a colour scheme, it is best to choose within the same colour family for the entire home. This way, the home feels cohesive and balanced!
  6. Overall, have fun with the process! Currently, the current colour trend for 2021 is rich terracotta, dark turquoise, seafoam greens, neutrals and dark greys.

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