Did your new couch just arrive?

You excitedly grab one end of the grey couch, and your partner grabs the other side. 1-2-3 LIFT and slowly, but surely the two of you waddle through the front door squeezing through the tight corners of the doorway. Finally, you settle the couch into its designated spot in your living room, but only to find the arm peaking past the living room wall and blocking a quarter of the doorway. 

Oh no. It doesn’t fit…

Not only that, but the grey colour seems to absorb the energy from your entire room and stand out hideously from the rest of your furniture. This was not at all what you had in mind. 

We’ve been there.

We understand the pain that comes with interior design. The hassle of returning furnishings that don’t fit. The frustration of trying to imagine what your dream home would look like in real life. Then endless hours spent scouring on the internet, Pinterest, and catalogue inspirations to find a single coffee table that would match your sofa.

Who says interior design has to be hard? Decorating and furnishing should be an enjoyable and exciting process!

This is why we created Clavis Studio.

Clavis was conceptualized out of a need to simplify home decorating. Our platform allows you to unleash your creativity, gain new inspirations, and create your dream home all at your fingertips. 

First, we developed digital versions of your home because we want you to see your exact room digitally. Then with a copy of your digital space, you can decorate the room to your heart’s content!

Whether your style of interest is modern, contemporary, or traditional, the team made sure to offer your favourite trust-worthy retail brands in our extensive catalogue of furniture and accents.

Each 3D item from our catalogue is scaled to its actual size. Therefore, if it fits in your digital room, it will fit in real life. The options are endless, and the sky’s the limit!

Once you’re satisfied with your design, the process is as simple as a few clicks, and you’ll receive your items in no time!

Quick, simple, and stress-free. That’s how we like it.


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