Spring has sprung! Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming, which means it’s time to spruce up our homes for the warmer weather! 

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Spring Promo 2021

Switch up your space with spring inspirations and begin anew. We all need a fresh start after a long, dark winter, though with so many spring trends and decor options, how will you choose?

We’ve got you! Find out your perfect spring trend match below! Who says you can’t express your personality and individuality while being trendy?

 Which Spring Trend Are You?

1. Zen Tranquility 🍃

Life has been sporadic and stressful this past year, and we could all use some peace and comfort. Pause, and take a deep breath. Doesn’t that feel nice?

Prescott Model Eating Nook Neutral Scandinavian Template
Prescott Model Eating Nook Neutral Scandinavian

If you love the thought of living in a relaxing haven then Zen Tranquility is the perfect spring style for you!

Add some fresh flowers and houseplants to freshen up your space. Then neutralize any chaos and discomfort with calming neutral Earth tones and simple patterns. Finally, top it off with a light scent diffuser, and Himalayan salt lamps to create the ultimate tranquil room.

2. Tropical Getaway 🏝️

Reminiscing travel memories? Do you miss the tropical ocean breeze from your last trip to Hawaii?

Then why not bring some vacation vibes home? 

Tofino Model Master Bedroom Espresso Coastal Template-1
Tofino Model Master Bedroom Espresso Coastal

Give our next spring trend, Tropical Getaway home style a try! Reimagine your version of a vacation home with touches of jewel-toned accents, deep earthy colours, and tropical patterns. Decorate with different shades of blues to mimic the blue sky and ocean. Lastly, place a few indoor plants for some splashes of green.

3. Botanical Garden 🌼

It’s not spring without some plants and flowers! If you’re a garden enthusiast that jumps at the sight of your first spring sprout then Botanical Garden is a great style for you. 

Simple Sage 2-Piece Picture Frame Painting Print Set

Other than bringing in houseplants and flowers to your room, try replacing your items such as sheets and curtains with new floral-patterned ones. Keep the patterns similar in colour to keep the room harmonious rather than chaotic. Then decorate your walls with mini vertical gardens or simple botanical artworks such as pressed leaf artwork or paintings. To finish the look, bring in wooden furniture to balance out the floral colours and vegetative greens. 

4. Colour Pop 🎨

Tired of greens and neutral tones? Want to stand out and express your sunny and bright personality?

Alcaraz Reversible Coverlet Set

Then try the Colour Pop home design style! 

Spring is all about emerging colours so reflect that liveliness with pops of bright yellow, blush pinks, baby blues, and sage greens. The pastel-like colours of pink, blue, and green will complement the bold yellow, yet add more than enough colour to your room. This combination is sure to brighten up anyone’s mood in an instant!

Need more design inspirations?

Visit www.myclavis.ca/design-ideas for more home styles! Clavis is your one-stop shop for all your home design needs. We have a collection of your favourite furniture brands, style inspirations, bundles and deals.

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 Whether you’re a homeowner living in an overpriced apartment in a metropolitan area or a new parent in a condo, you know the struggle with tiny and cramped rooms. 

A simple sofa, coffee table, and a work desk fill up your small living space, making you feel constricted in your own home. Add a few basic furnishings such as a media stand, chairs, and lights to make your living room feel cozier, and you’ll find yourself tripping over objects. 

If your living room is cluttered and cramped, the last thing you’ll want to do is spend time there. 

What if there’s a way to make your room feel larger? Spacious, comfortable, and welcoming? 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to implement a few smart styling strategies to transform your small quarters into an inviting oasis. 

Follow these 5 simple steps to increase your living space in an INSTANT.

1. Add mirrors


Did you know mirrors can be more than grooming assistants? 

When placed strategically, mirrors can visually increase your small space! Their reflective properties can trick the eye into perceiving more space (think about infinity mirror rooms! It makes you feel like you’re in space because the room seems endless). 

Placing a mirror on the wall will quickly add dimension to your quarters. Setting a mirror near light sources will illuminate your whole space. On the other hand, establishing a framed mirror over a fireplace will create a focal point for the room. Any clutter and tightness will be less noticeable with a focal point.

2. Opt for a low-profile sofa and coffee table


What are low-profile sofas and coffee tables? They’re simply pieces that are lower to the ground. This will create a feeling of openness because low-profile furniture opens up more space on the top compared to regular furniture. 

Embrace low-to-the-ground furniture, and you’ll be surprised by how much space you can reveal! This simple trick will make your room feel airier and lighter. 

Need some help looking for low profile furniture? Browse on Clavis Studio, a new platform to design and shop for pieces from your favourite brands! There are hundreds of options in various colours and styles, you’ll find what you’re looking for in a snap. 

3. Keep furnishings white and simple

Similar to mirrors, the colour white also has reflective properties that can make your home airy,  light, and spacious. White can make any cluttered and stuffy room much brighter too.


Paint your walls, swap out couches, or add white-coloured decors. They don’t have to be stark white, any light neutral colour will do the trick!

White can visually simplify your room, but it’s also essential to declutter any unnecessary items from your tables and floor to allow more space. 

Thinking of switching to a minimalistic or Scandinavian style now? It takes no time at all to switch your style! Clavis Studio has themes to allow individuals browse through furnishings and furniture that suit the theme!

4. Let natural light pour in

Good lighting can make all the difference! Yet it’s a simple trick that most people tend to overlook. Natural lighting will make any space look bigger, open, and refreshed. 

Letting in more natural light can be as easy as keeping your windows wide uncovered, to create a sense of depth. Tie up any curtains to the side and keep them tucked during the day to allow every single ray of sun in!

5. New room? Plan ahead!

Last but not least, if you really want to refresh your style completely or if you just moved to a new home, then make a design plan!

Take some time to browse through Pinterest, Instagram, and Clavis Inspiration to save any themes or pieces of furniture that you like.

You can also design your home digitally on Clavis Studio. Plan out where your furnishings will go, visually see if they match, and if they will fit into your room. Design your dream space in minutes without leaving your seat!

No more clutter, cramming furniture next to each other or mismatching colours. Designing your home is as simple as 1,2,3.

Ready to enlarge your living room?

Living in a stuffed-up living room is no fun, especially when your home is supposed to be a relaxing oasis. Try these 5 steps above and create a plan, and you’ll soon fall in love with your living room again. 

Just bought your first home? Congratulations!  

After weeks of house hunting, debating, and maybe even getting into arguments with the real estate agent, you finally found a place you’re happy to settle down in. All that is left is to fill the empty spaces and rooms to make it yours. It’s a blank canvas begging to be used! 

Should you go with a contemporary style? Perhaps stick with a  neutral colour scheme? Or how about purchasing the new wine cooler that you’ve been eyeing for ages to add to your kitchen?

Maybe putting some paintings and unique vases will also make you seem more artistic and fun? Oh, but minimalism is all the rage right now. 

Where do you start? !

How do you create the perfect home? The possibilities are endless!

Being a new homeowner is exciting, but can also be frustrating because you want it to be PERFECT. Your dream home should reflect your personality, feel as cozy as possible, and be unique. 

Here are 5 fundamental pieces of advice for first-time homeowners to make interior designing less daunting and more enjoyable.

Interior Design 101: Fundamentals for New Homeowners 

1. Start with a Plan

Rather than rushing to buy a trendy dining table to fill up your nook, slow down, and start drafting a plan. Similar to project proposals, having an overview and understanding of what and how you plan to decorate each room will prevent you from wasting time, energy, and money. 

Scroll through the Clavis Inspiration page, Pinterest, online furniture stores, and catalogs to find some colour and arrangement inspirations. Note down the ones you like so you may refer back to it. Then either trust that your art skills are good enough to draft out a general floor plan or take 5 minutes to digitalize your home on Clavis to start laying out your arrangements in each room.

Clavis will allow your digital room to mimic the measurements of your actual room so you can design online without worrying about measurements or moving a single piece of furniture. 

2. Choose Quality

Your new home is an investment. This is where you will sleep, rest, eat, and live for the majority of your time. Having to stress about broken stands a few months after moving in is no fun at all. Therefore, be open to investing a bit more money in your furniture and furnishings to ensure that they last for a long time. 

Do some background research on the reputation of the brand, read through reviews of the product, and product’s material components if it’s brandless. These small steps may save you time and money in the long run. 

If you’re on a tight budget, checking out trustworthy second-hand shops or searching for sales and deals online can save you from going over budget! 

Clavis is partnered with many famous brands so you can scroll through them all in one catalog.

3. Lighting is Key

Lighting is one of the MOST IMPORTANT element to consider when designing a space. Why? Because light can significantly affect the mood of the room. Dim and soft lights will make the room feel comfortable but also dramatic and atmospheric. On the other hand, illuminating every inch of a room can brighten the entire atmosphere. 

Lights are easy to adjust. Thanks to technology, we have thousands of options to choose from. These range from warm tones to cool tones, high-intensity lights to dimmer lights, or even lights that can mimic the sun’s rays. 

It can also change the perception of the room’s shape and size to your preference. For instance, having extra lighting to reflect off a white wall can cause the room to appear larger. 

Play around with various lights and ask experts to find the perfect lights that would complement your style. 

4. Create Balance 

Balance is the idea that when you walk into a room, everything feels calm and right. There is a feeling of equilibrium in the space because the colours, texture, and shapes seem to complement each other. In comparison, an unbalanced interior space can be uncomfortable to stay in. 

There are two main methods of achieving balance: symmetry and asymmetry. 

Symmetrical balance is achieved when the room seems to be mirrored when it’s viewed from the centre. The bedroom is a common example where the bed is usually placed in the centre with nightstands on both sides. This creates a feeling of stability, calmness, and evenness, especially if colours, patterns, furnishing arrangements are mirrored on both sides. 

Asymmetrical balance uses different items to achieve a sense of balance. The room is no longer mirrored on both sides of the central axis, rather space is balanced based on the “weight” of the objects. There’s a feeling of dynamic and spontaneity because of asymmetrical spaces created by variety of furniture pieces. 

Try looking at photos of rooms you like and make a mental note of whether it’s more symmetrical or asymmetrical. Then consider how your room would look with these types of balances!

5. Use Colour to Impact Emotion 

Did you know that colours have a tremendous psychological effect? Not only can colours reflect one’s personality, but they can influence people’s moods and emotions too. 

For instance, brown tends to convey nature, strength, and comfort, which is great for reducing an individual’s stress. Another example is blue, which portrays trust, calmness, and peace. It’s a colour that’s most preferred in the business industry because it reflects professionalism and reliability. 

Colour is a powerful tool, therefore adding furnishings with colours that reflect the mood you want to express is an important part of interior design. 

Your Turn!

Now that you know basic interior design, time to put it into action! Draft a couple of plans, do your research, and start designing!

Having trouble imagining your plan? Need visual assistance? Hop over to Clavis and create your digital room for free! 

Did your new couch just arrive?

You excitedly grab one end of the grey couch, and your partner grabs the other side. 1-2-3 LIFT and slowly, but surely the two of you waddle through the front door squeezing through the tight corners of the doorway. Finally, you settle the couch into its designated spot in your living room, but only to find the arm peaking past the living room wall and blocking a quarter of the doorway. 

Oh no. It doesn’t fit…

Not only that, but the grey colour seems to absorb the energy from your entire room and stand out hideously from the rest of your furniture. This was not at all what you had in mind. 

We’ve been there.

We understand the pain that comes with interior design. The hassle of returning furnishings that don’t fit. The frustration of trying to imagine what your dream home would look like in real life. Then endless hours spent scouring on the internet, Pinterest, and catalogue inspirations to find a single coffee table that would match your sofa.

Who says interior design has to be hard? Decorating and furnishing should be an enjoyable and exciting process!

This is why we created Clavis Studio.

Clavis was conceptualized out of a need to simplify home decorating. Our platform allows you to unleash your creativity, gain new inspirations, and create your dream home all at your fingertips. 

First, we developed digital versions of your home because we want you to see your exact room digitally. Then with a copy of your digital space, you can decorate the room to your heart’s content!

Whether your style of interest is modern, contemporary, or traditional, the team made sure to offer your favourite trust-worthy retail brands in our extensive catalogue of furniture and accents.

Each 3D item from our catalogue is scaled to its actual size. Therefore, if it fits in your digital room, it will fit in real life. The options are endless, and the sky’s the limit!

Once you’re satisfied with your design, the process is as simple as a few clicks, and you’ll receive your items in no time!

Quick, simple, and stress-free. That’s how we like it.


We are a team of amateur decorators who love putting together moodboards and making our home match our creative vision.

This platform was borne out of our passion for decorating and our love for technological innovation. We have trade agreements with the retailers on the platform and so we facilitate shopping from those retailers through our concierge service.

We’ve had fun building this studio and we hope you have fun using it as well!

Our Vision

To simplify and enhance the homebuyer’s design experience. We help homeowners unleash their creativity and bring their imagination to life in an immersive 3D/VR studio.​ Our studio is interactive, immersive, and fun to work with. We made sure of it!

Our Values

  • We believe in constant re-invention, progressive elaboration, and continuous improvement.
  • We work with only the best in the homebuilding and furniture retail industries.
  • We believe in the power of a well designed user interface to spark creativity in anyone.
  • We are excited about the possibilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning to foster continuous personalized experiences.

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  1. Ensure the items being returned are still in their original packaging and in good condition.
  2. Send an email with information about the product you wish to return. Information includes retailer’s name, product name, quantity, amount, and date purchased. Including a copy of your invoice/receipt would be helpful.
  3. We will use the information provided by you to obtain a return authorization from the retailer and send it back to you via email.
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  5. Send the postal tracking number to us and we will follow up.
  6. We will ensure that your refund or exchange is processed accurately and in a timely manner.

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  1. Send an email with information about the product you wish to return. Information includes retailer’s name, product name, quantity, amount, and date purchased. Including a copy of your invoice/receipt would be helpful.
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