Sectionals are a great way to add a central ‘hub’ for families to gather in multiple areas of the home. There are multiple configurations and additions, such as ottomans, and endless fabric and color options. While sofas and loveseat combinations may be more accessible to move around in theory, sectionals provide an additional square footage of comfortable space to lounge and some even come with options like a sleeper or storage, making the most of the space it does require.

Sectionals come in a variety of sizes and types, below are a few options…

Chaise Sectionals: Chaise sectionals can be left or right handed, depending on the configuration of the area it is occupying. Essentially, this style of a sectional fits smaller spaces; like studios, one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments or condos. Chaise sectionals have options for additional lift up storage as well.

L-Shaped Sectionals: L-shaped sectionals are the same size on either end and will fill any space proportionally. They can have sleeper options for use when guests come to visit your home to accommodate overnight stays in bonus rooms or basements.

U-Shaped sectionals: These sectionals can have a shorter chaise on one side, and a longer chaise on the opposite side or be consistent in length on either side of the middle section. U-shaped sectionals are great for larger families, bonus rooms, media rooms or larger basements to accommodate for hosting events.

Curved Sectionals: Curved sectionals add a contemporary look to any space and can be curved in a C-shape or an S-shape. S-shape sectionals allow for multiple viewing areas into different spaces in an open floorplan.

Modular Sectionals: Modular sectionals allow for various configurations for different uses and can be easily maneuvered around to carry out the desired function, such as creating more space on one side for sleeping, working, or for creating additional seating space when guests come to visit.

Seat Depth: Sectionals come in a variety of seat depths to create either a casual or formal room. Deeper seat depths (31″-44″) on a sectional will create a casual, lounge seating vibe, as you are able to fully lean back while a standard seat depth (20″-24″) will allow you to sit fully upright, it’s more formal and standard sizing.

Sectional sizes: Depending on the size of your home, you typically will want to measure the space to ensure optimal fit. The sectional should allow enough space for you to walk around and walk beside, typically 30″ is best if the sectional is placed along an adjacent wall or hallway.

Upholstery: There are many options for upholstery, and custom order options to achieve the specific look desired for your space. Fabric options will provide more comfortability but are more prone to staining. Leather will allow for more wear and tear over years but can fade in direct sunlight and be prone to animal scratches. Over time, leather also starts to show small rips and tears from rubbing against the material. Microfiber or velvet is typically a more posh look and will hide animal scratches best, but can be warm against the body in warmer climates and show marks/fingerprints from children rubbing against the fabric’s ply.

Overall, when choosing a sectional; it is recommended to measure twice, consider the space of the room it is occupying, and consider how many people in the home it is accommodating. To make the right decision the first time, contact us for further assistance!

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